If We Have Contacted You

If you have received a letter from us indicating that we believe you have money coming to you, please read the letter very carefully! We have already spent a great deal of time and money to determine who the rightful heirs or beneficiaries are in each case, and we would not go to this trouble, plus spend the money to Fed Ex the information to you and back, unless we were highly confident that you had money coming to you.

We are an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau, and have never had a single customer complaint. With each letter to our heirs and beneficiaries, we include a list of some of the top Estate & Probate Attorneys around the country, who will serve as references for our company. Most of them have been working with the principals of Trust & Estate Search for a decade, and will attest to our legitimacy and integrity.

Finally, we will never ask you for money! We are only compensated if we do secure monies due you, as we receive a portion of those funds to compensate us for the time, effort and money we have invested to locate the asset, identify and locate the true beneficiaries, and prove their claim at law. If we are not successful in obtaining the monies for you, we are paid nothing!

So, please read the materials carefully and call us if you have any questions. The sooner we receive your agreement back, the sooner we can obtain the funds for you.

If you are an attorney or trust officer,

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