Our Fee Structures

We work both nationally and internationally on behalf of estates and trusts that are seeking to identify and locate unknown or missing heirs and beneficiaries. We offer three different fee structures.


By far, the most requested fee structure is our fully contingent fee. Under this arrangement, there is never a charge to the estate or the trust for the search. The search is done at the sole expense and risk of T&E Search. Once heirs or beneficiaries are located, we negotiate our compensation directly with the individuals whom we have located.

The advantages to this "No Cost" search are many.

First, the estate does not expend funds for searches that may prove to be very costly and unproductive. Many of the cases we receive are cases where a competitor did the search on a "flat fee" basis, the amount of such fee seemingly being pulled out of the air, and after that fee, often in the tens of thousands of dollars, has been paid, they 'regretfully" turn in a report that indicates that the heirs could not be located. Thus, they do not accomplish the goal that was given to them by the estate, and yet leave the estate diminished by a significant sum. Under what we believe is the "best practice" of a contingent search, there is never a charge to the estate or trust.

Second, under this approach, it is only the individuals who directly benefit from the search who absorb its cost.

Third, if we are not successful under this approach, there is no charge to anyone. But we still provide the Affidavit of Diligent Search, expert testimony, and anything else required by the Court to satisfy them that a diligent search has been made.


We are pleased to offer an hourly search rate of $150.00 an hour, with a minimum of 3 hours. At the commencement of the search, you provide us with an authorization for a certain number of hours, and we limit our search to that time frame, unless further authorization is obtained. Under this approach, there is no promise of success.


Please contact us and outline the nature of the search, and we will be glad to provide a flat fee quotation. We will also guarantee to provide a flat fee search for 10% less than any documented flat fee quote from an established competitor. NOTE: If the search requires international work, there is a minimum $1,500.00 surcharge, but any such charge will be discussed with the client and authorized before any international work is commenced.

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